Thursday, October 17, 2013

California Love


Color me excited. I'm going back to Cali; escaping this wretched place, if only for a short while. Having grown up in southern California, I tended to take for granted all of the sensational things The Golden State has to offer. Only after leaving and spending an extended amount of time "enjoying" the seasons did I grow to truly appreciate the paradise I left behind. Just the predictability in weather is ample reason for my affection. No need to check the weather every morning to make certain I don't end up walking home in the rain or wearing a dress in 20 degree weather. [The sun can be very deceiving, the times it's actually out.] No need to EVER wear earmuffs or gloves, god forbid both (with a scarf). No fear of winds so cold they draw tears like the freshest of onions. The bliss of having events to attend, restaurants to try, things to see! The lack of judgment eyes when "dressed up" on a "regular" day. I could go on forever, but I'll spare you for now. Moral of the story: my time away has solidified the fact that no matter where I am, my heart resides in California.