Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Homebound: Travel Essentials

Home is where the heart is. 
- Pliny the Elder

I can't tell you how excited I am to be heading home. Indiana is simply not the place for me, and my guy is in LA so really nowhere else can compete. I'll have nine days to soak up the sun, the warmth, and the love!

Here are my travel essentials - at least for domestic flights. I go back and forth between school and home about every month so I've got the whole travel essentials thing down. 

Here's my list:
  • Large handbag with a shoulder strap - Reed Krakoff satchel (in coral, similar)
  • Comfortable shoes - ASOS (similar)
  • Clutch/Wallet - Sophie Hulme (my full description here)
  • Sunglasses - for once I get to my destination - Celine 
  • iPad - necessary for some reading material and occasional Suits episode
  • iPod - yes. I need both. 
  • Cashmere wrap - doubles as a scarf and blanket! Perfect for chilly flights - Nordstrom
  • Essential makeup - for quick touch-ups after I get off the plane. Especially handy for times my boyfriend picks me up directly from the airport. (Like today! yeeeee!)
  • Texturizing Sea Salt Spray - gotta be lookin' right, ya know? - Not Your Mother's
  • Antibacterial - cus, ew.
  • Hand lotion - This olive lavender hand cream smells divine. - Compagnie de Provence
  • Sugar Lip Treatment - I just pack a mini one I got from a holiday gift bag. - Sugar
See you on the West Coast!

PS. Do any of you guys watch Pretty Little Liars??? I was going crazy during that last episode and still can't get over it! Literally screaming in my apartment by myself. I really shouldn't be this worked up by a show meant for teen girls...
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