Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I promise this ends well…


Intellect currently stands at 'Do Not Disturb', and today has been a lot bit of a struggle. I'm finally back from what now seems like a surreal compilation of my favorite things. All the fantastic impressions from the previous week in beautiful Los Angeles mutated into seemingly distant memories by the swift kick of some brat's foot to the back of my uncomfortably upright chair and the bleak realization that I was on my way back to reality (aka school). My to do list elongates by the hour with yet another and another task I conveniently forgot was due before the week's end. Well, suck-it-the-fuck-up you say? You're right, and I'm trying. Let me briefly recap my fabulous week in an attempt to lighten the mood upon which I have shat. 


With all the excitement of reuniting with my one and only (oh yeah, I'm in a long distance relationship. It sucks balls, but we make it work.), said one and only surprised me with a bouquet of my favorite flowers (hydrangeas) and date night at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. We dined on prime rib, wine, and sour gummy worms, rested our laurels in the best seats in the most beautiful building in LA, and listened to the LA Philharmonic. He knows what's up.

Random Fact of the Day: The Walt Disney Concert Hall was designed by Mr. Frank Gehry after a rose, his wife's favorite flower. Initially, Lady Disney hated the design, vowing the family name would not be represented by so hideous a building. Mr. Gehry, quite the salesman, scheduled a meeting with Lady Disney. At this meeting, Mr. Gehry's only companion was a single rose. He asked for a glass of water and a pair of scissors then explained, as he cut the bulb from its stem, his wife's affinity for this particular flower. Mr. Gehry then gently set the severed bulb into the water, where it morphed into a form resembling what is now the Concert Hall. 


I rounded out the week imbibing happy hour specials, devouring baked goods at Proof, paradoxically laughing on the Haunted Hayride, gaining weight via homemade Filipino food, and relaxing with my favorite person. All in all, it was practically everything I wanted, which makes coming back to Indiana that much more difficult. 

Luckily, I was welcomed home with a rather sweet surprise. A very thoughtful person in my life, who knows (pretty extensively) my adoration for school time, sent me a surprise package of macarons. Not pictured here, since I could not wait to try one, is the honey lavender flavor. Devine. Enough floral scent without being overpowering and just enough sweetness. Plus, the package came with a 10% off coupon on what will be my first purchase from Macaron Cafe. So, I guess you could say I'll be eating my feelings until my next trip back to paradise.