Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Whole Wheat Walnut Oat Bread


Long name, but delicious. I found this recipe in a Cooking Light magazine long ago but always come back to it. I gave some to a friend and he was "surprised by how flavorful it is." Gotta love surprises. Especially pleasant ones.


Regardless of how aesthetically pleasing as well as flavorful this bread can be, it's surprisingly easy to accomplish. I do have to say, there are a number of steps involved–pulsing the oats in a food processor, soaking the oats, etc.–however, no stage was particularly difficult. The recipe yields two large loaves, and they freeze splendidly. Just wrap tightly with plastic wrap and aluminum foil then seal in a freezer bag. Unwrap and heat in the oven, slice off a chunk, add Nutella, and enjoy your awesome life.


I featured this grainy goodness in a black-pepper crusted turkey sandwich with spinach, fig jam, and a touch of dijon mustard.

Random fail of the day
I currently work at a legal aid clinic as a student legal intern. Part of my job involves conducting meetings with clients. As you can readily expect, professionalism is vital in this particular facet of my job. Turns out, I'm a STUPID and recorded the meeting date in my calendar incorrectly. Forty-five minutes late. There's more. Apparently, in the decade my professor has supervised students in this capacity, he has never had this happen before. Sometimes you just gotta make a name for yourself. And I do it by breaking records.