Monday, February 24, 2014

Avocado Toast and Blue Bottle Coffee


Avocado toast is probably my favorite breakfast ever. Not probably. It really just is. It's so simple, but I think the simplicity of it makes it that much more appealing. I'm a big believer than good food doesn't necessarily mean tons of ingredients. Sometimes, it's all about the simple things in life, and avocado toast is a prime example of that perspective. Avocado toast and a great cup of coffee, that is.

The only accompaniment my perfect breakfast needed was a great cup of coffee. For this, I turn to Blue Bottle Coffee. I may live in Indiana, but I don't let that stop me from great tastes (as long as I can help it). So, I have my coffee beans shipped in from good ol' California. Worth every penny. Green Mountain is horrid.

"The powers of a man's mind is directly proportioned to the quality of coffee he drinks."
- James Mackintosh          

My favorites are Giant Steps and Bella Donovan. I prefer strong, dark roasts, with caramelly/chocolatey tobacco flavors and hints of citrus. I realize that sounds awful, but Blue Bottle isn't wildly successful for no reason. I suggest you try it if you haven't already. Extra points if it's at the Ferry Building. I'm jealous already.
But back to the avocados! Admittedly, I probably put too much importance on loving avocados. I just don't understand people who don't love them too. That's ok, I guess you're entitled to your own [wrong] opinions. It's actually better because that leaves more avocados available for my own consumption.

My parents have an avocado tree in their backyard and my dad would often make avocado shakes for my brothers and me (all it was was mashed avocado, evaporated milk, and sugar - I've made healthier versions that are just as delicious. And don't knock it til you try it!). He used to urge us to drink it because it would "make you smart!" As if we needed convincing...

Avocado Lemon Pepper Toast
I modeled this "recipe" after a bagel concoction I had in Dana Point Harbor, Ca. The bagel had cream cheese, avocado, smoked salmon, lemon pepper, lemon juice, and kosher salt. This is just a more manageable version of that awesome brunch. Now I just need the harbor...

  • Half an avocado
  • two slices of whole wheat bread, toasted
  • lemon juice, to taste
  • lemon pepper (I used Lawry's)
  • kosher salt
  • Spread avocado evenly between toast
  • Squeeze lemon juice atop avocado
  • Sprinkle a pinch of salt atop avocado
  • Sprinkle lemon pepper atop avocado, to taste
Couldn't be any easier! Simple perfection (and alliteration!). Enjoy!
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  1. The avocado toast looks and sounds amaaazing!

  2. I love avocado I usually eat it with smoked salmon and tomatoes. Delicious post. Thank you for visiting my blog.

  3. a girl after my own heart...i can never have enough avocado toast for breakfast. i also love to throw an egg on top for lunch :)

  4. Avocado toast is so yummy! I like experimenting with different breads.


  5. Oh yum! I've really been wanting to try avocado toast lately. This looks scrumptious :)
    xo TJ

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  7. I love avocados!! I cannot eat a salad without them. Have you ever tried avocado toast with sliced pears? It's a great combo.

  8. This is my favourite breakfast as well, I like to add tomato slices and basil to season for mine. It's such an easy (and delicious) option for breakfast.

    x karen
    the chic & damned


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