Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Chocolate and Almond Butter Cake Bars

I'm beginning to discover that I can not be trusted to do work at home. The temptation to cook is far too great to ignore. Plus, the comfort of having the whole day with no finish line meetings or deadlines to monitor my progress leaves me, well... wondering where the hell the time went. 

Did I need to bake? No, of course not. Did I need anymore sweets in my kitchen let alone my tummy? Definitely not. Did I need another distraction? Hell no. But I sure wanted to come up with one. And I'm a doer. So, I did it.

Again, I tweaked this recipe just because of what I happened to have on hand. I replaced the dark chocolate with milk chocolate chips (wish I didn't have to do that. I would've preferred the dark chocolate.) and the peanut butter with almond butter. Oh, and the all-purpose flour with whole wheat. These are as delicious as they look. When inhaling eating, though, make sure you have some milk on hand. These "cake bars" are reminiscent of a chewy chocolate chip cookie, only bigger, so the lactose accompaniment is only fitting.

Random Gripe of the Day: Those people who correct people's grammar and/or spelling on social media. Unless it's some error that is especially egregious and/or obvious, just leave it the eff alone. Even then, it doesn't even matter because it's social media, not a scholarly article. Instagram is no environment for pithy review sessions in punctuation. Don't get me wrong, if I get something wrong on a post I'm going to go back and correct it because it bothers me. But if I came across some abhorrent asterisk comment citing an insignificant oversight with the correction... I'm sorry, but stop it. If you're an offender, it's ok. The great part about changing is you don't have to wait to start. To be fair, though, another time it's acceptable is when it's incredibly hilarious. (Click here for examples)