Friday, January 24, 2014

Juice and Soba Noodles


If you guys haven't seen the "Shit People in LA Say" you need to head to the YouTube right now. "Shit" came out a while back, during the whole trend of making "Shit [whoever] in [wherever] Say" videos. Obviously this one hit close to home. (Especially the "Are you leaving?…bitch." part.) And, of course, the part about juicing. Classic Californians jumping on the next health craze bandwagon. Damn you nutrients, you done got me again. 

Here it is. The juice of the day (equally juiced apple not pictured). I bought some carrots earlier in the week that looked like they were dunked in some TGRI ooze and figured they'd be perfect for juicing, so I put them to work (with aforementioned apple, oranges, parsley, kale, 1 celery stalk, and smidgen of lemon). Pretty tasty and healthy way to start the day if I do say so myself. And I just did, so… yeah…


Back to the point, to which I have yet to allude. If you're ever in LA and feeling a bit lonely…perhaps you haven't put the remote control down in a while or you just CAN'T.STOP.PINNING…and you want to have an actual conversation with a real life person take the following steps:

1. Make some juice.
2. Put your juice in a bottle (preferably glass or, better yet, a mason jar)
3. Go to a shopping center.
4. Walk around with juice in hand.

I guarantee someone will come up to you and ask you some variant of "Ohmahgahd! Where'd you buy your juice?! I'm really into juicing right now."

This exact scenario happened to my friend and me when we perused the Grove. I couldn't even help my friend decide on a f*&#in top because we kept getting questions about this damn juice. Note: We bought our juice from Joan's on Third. I highly recommend the restaurant/marketplace. I highly urge you not to buy the green juice. Unless you feel like drinking a bottle of ginger.


On another note, I felt compelled to make a soba noodle and peanut dressing dish recently featured on Cupcakes & Cashmere. She mentioned it quickly became a staple so I figured it'd be good. It was easy, quick, and healthy but I can't say it was my favorite. I felt the recipe was missing something, mostly vegetables, so I added about two teaspoons of Sriracha, carrots, bell pepper, cucumber, grape tomatoes, scallions, and roasted chicken breast. 


Recipe Note: If you plan to store leftovers, keep the excess sauce! It dries out as it sits in the fridge. 

Happy cooking!