Sunday, February 23, 2014

It's All About Perspective

Thomas Jefferson Quote
"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work."
 - Thomas A. Edison               

Mondays are often uttered with the same level of affection as a dentist appointment. They signify the end of fun-filled weekends and the recommencement of work and responsibility. But it's time we give Mondays a break and think of them as what they really are: a new day for which we should all be grateful!

In reality, Mondays are simply opportunities. Whatever you were unable to accomplish during the week prior, voila! You've just been afforded another chance! And a new day certainly something we should be thankful for.

"Everyday's a good day, kid. Just try missing one once."
- Poolhall Junkies

I recently started a book called Small Move, Big Change by Caroline Arnold, which essentially proposes making "microresolutions" instead of goal-setting lofty life-changes. For example, instead of "I will lose weight," she suggests deciding "I will drink my coffee black." The microresolution serves as a vow for action rather than a wish. This way, your goals are more manageable, presumably fail-safe, and yet you are still moving towards your ultimate goal. 

Accordingly, I've decided to create a list of small changes to implement in the week to come. These are just microresolutions that I can certainly manage, and doing them will inevitably put me closer to my ultimate goals than I otherwise would be. Aaaaaand, tackling big goals through tiny steps makes the "work" of it all seem that much less daunting. 

My ultimate goal: To be healthy and happy.


1.  Stop slouching. Realistically, not slouching altogether is a pretty lofty goal. It takes building muscles and a conscious effort to even notice myself slouching in the first place. Therefore, I will follow these tips to bring me closer to Claire Underwood-esque bearing. 

2. Take my vitamins. My mother has been hounding me to take my vitamins and I probably take two a month. I eat a balanced diet, but it's certainly insufficient. I especially need more of this

3. Be conscious of the now. It's easy to look back in regret or reflection and to look forward in worry or wishful thinking. It's actually incredibly shocking to me how little I live in the present. Moving my consciousness towards the now and being appreciative of it is yet another lofty goal; however, trying to recognize when I'm too immersed in the past or future will point me in the right direction. 

Don't be afraid of the work, set microresolutions for yourself,
and change your perspective on Mondays!
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  1. I so believe this! And needed this remember right now--thank you!

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