Thursday, April 10, 2014

Fitness Friday!

Oh Nike, you get me every time. Admittedly, I don't need anymore trainers. But I certainly want more. Even athletic shoes can't escape my footwear obsession. Plus, these happen to play up one of my favorite trends: neon details. I'd say I should make some room is my closet, wouldn't you agree? 

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Now to the workouts! Which is really just a great excuse to buy more shoes...

As you could probably tell, I've started a couple new workouts. One of which, the Nike Training Club App, is AWESOME and I totally recommend it. Each workout is completely customizable and comes with video and picture instructions. Plus, throughout the workouts an audio trainer reminds you of proper form and encourages you at times most necessary. AND it's FREE. Boom. 

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P.S. I really didn't realize how Nike-centric this post was until I got to the end. Meh, it's for good reason.


  1. Nike always sucks me in too! They have the greatest colors and they somehow convince me that I need them all! I love this white and yellow pair!

  2. I love these shoes! I am searching for the perfect sneaker and these are gorgeous!


  3. The shoe is totally gorgeous - look good while feeling good :) xx


  4. i love nike trainers!
    seeing your workout regime is a great motivator. I need to get into a routine


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