Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Here Comes the Sun

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rings: COS


I've been a huge sucker for zipper details lately. I've acquired quite a few jeans with zippers at the ankles, jackets with zipper details at the cuffs, purses with contrasting name it. I've fallen in love with some zippered heels by Saint Laurent, but alas, I wasn't able to find them on sale (c'mon, I sure as hell can't afford them full price). There were also some great Zara ankle boots with zipper details that resembled some great Giuseppe Zanottis. Missed out on those too. Whatever, seeing as how I don't have enough closet space for the shoes I already own, I don't think I'm at a huge loss here.
I've also been all about neon details. Hence, these heels! I had been looking for a great pair of obnoxiously yellow heels for quite some time, and I got these beauties on major sale from JCrew, but not easily. Months ago, I ordered these shoes online, got the confirmation email, got super excited... only to get a phone call a few days later that they ran out of the shoes and weren't able to fulfill my order! WHAT?! I was so disappointed and scoured the internet for another pair of yellow heels but nothing struck my fancy as much as these did.

Fortunately, they somehow restocked! I guess some people returned theirs? So I snapped them up and kept my fingers crossed that I wouldn't get another cancelation. And HURRAH! they're mine now. The only problem is that they aren't the most comfortable shoes in the world. I don't know about you guys but I always tend to have problems with JCrew shoes. Apparently my feet are too wide and my ankles and are too cankley for the JCrew designers. But I'm making do. Because they're pretty.

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