Thursday, January 30, 2014

Phillip Lim Steal

Sure, opening gifts one by one on Christmas morning (or in my case, afternoon) while your loved ones stare and wait for a feigned (or not) gesture of appreciation can be an overall enjoyable experience. Being with loved ones and just getting anything above that is a blessing, I think we can all agree. And just to add some butter onto that piece of sourdough, my gifts were actually pretty awesome this year. My boyfriend was ballsy enough to give this shoeaholic a pair of gold accented ankle booties. He also bought me a sweater I pinned to my "My Style" board…not knowing I already had it. Long distance relationships. I guess not memorizing each others' wardrobes comes with the territory.

Regardless of how awesome Christmas can be, I have three words for you: After Christmas Sales.

This is when shit really goes down. All the stuff you couldn't afford, or just didn't want to pay full price for, are now ready for adoption. In yet another near arthritis-causing online shopping session I spotted these beauties. Finally. I had been eyeing these Phillip Lim loafers for months, ever since I saw them on  We Wore What.

I've been stupidly in love with leopard lately. I finally understood how neutral this classic can actually be. And how much I love mixing patterns with leopard. Spots galore. That's me right now. In the best way possible.

But back to the sale. 60% off. Stop it. Hell yes. click. MINE. Curiously, they're still available for full price… suckers! evilest of laughs. I apologize.


Phillip Lim for Target satchel

Do you feel the leopard love? 


  1. I'm obsessed with leopard, I have the perfect pair of slippers, a coat and flats... These loafers are gorgeous.
    Mafalda ❤

  2. Wow these shoes are fabulous :)
    Follow for follow?!

    1. definitely! I'm your newest follower :) love your blog!

    2. Hi Christine, I can't find your gfc button to follow you back :(

    3. oh no! I have the bloglovin button on the right side! sorry about that!

  3. such a lovely shoes
    new post:

  4. I love the sales too! And these shoes are amaaaazing, what a find! Leopard is also one of my favourites for shoes (I don't think I would wear a top in leopard :p) xx

  5. Definitely feeling the leopard, I love it!

  6. Great steal indeed! After Xmas sales always get me in trouble :)

    P.S. I'd love it if you would visit my blog, Sarah's Real Life!

  7. I am swooooooning! I really love your decor as well. I am in the midst of planning to renovate my apartment. Mostly for storage purposes though. :/


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