Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Scent Nirvana


I'm not much for perfume. I usually put on a scented lotion (because, really what lotions aren't scented) and am always wary of mixing scents for fear of assaulting others' nostrils. I've only had two "signature scents" and they are both Bath & Body Works related (creamy coconut in high school, and sweet pea in college). But I've felt it's been time for a more mature signature, something womanly but not elderly.

The first cologne purchase I made was Flowerbomb. It was love at first smell. But then, everyone and their freaking mother-in-law was wearing it. I'd smell it everywhere and girls at school would even carry the bottle in their handbags. Stop it. Flowerbomb now rests peacefully in the back of god knows which bathroom drawer.

BUT THEN today THIS happened. My scent Nirvana. The scent is pretty distinctively Elizabeth and James–a perfect blend of masculine edge and feminine sex appeal. Slightly musky, slightly floral, with vanilla in the forefront, this scent refuses to overpower.


I worry that this scent's perfection will spread like wild fire. That it'll be yet another Flowerbomb. Further, investing in an entire bottle just didn't seem prudent since I always forget to put perfume on, even when I want to wear it. Hence my glee that Sephora is as awesome as it is. These rollerballs are the best. Buy your perfume, ladies! No commitment necessary and for the fraction of the price.

Plus, can we talk about how great this packaging is? Black and gold. All the way.

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  1. I have not had a chance to smell this one. I know what you mean about forgetting to wear it even when you want to. My bf always reminds me haha


  2. I was a huge creamy coconut fan too haha!



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