Wednesday, February 12, 2014

NYFW Street Style


It may just be my humble opinion, but are the vast majority of outfits worn at fashion weeks just absurd? Given, these aren't necessarily supposed to be everyday street wear (definitely not office attire) but the individual pieces that make up these ridic outfits aren't all that either. Maybe I'm looking at a limited sample set of NYFW photos (I checked out the 151 photo spread from Harper's Bazaar and the compilation of the "best" Day 6 street style outfits from Fashionista) but I still stand by my previous statements.


I did, however, find some looks I did love. These three outfits were definite stand-outs for me.
It seems I gravitate toward simpler ensembles... And that's a-ok.

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I think it's all about the statement one or two pieces. Be it the gorgeous scarf in the first photo, or the pop of color and gorgeous shoes in the next two. I prefer focal pieces, rather than an assault of the senses. But again, that may just be me.

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  1. Hahaha I agree with you, some of the pieces they show are just crazy and too much! I do like the pieces you chose, I like the first outfit! Nice choices =)

  2. love the blue fur coat. the scarf in the first picture is really awesome too. Fashion week outfits are really just ridiculous. I think photographers intentionally pick those outfits.

  3. Nice looks!

  4. I would agree with you 90% of the time... There are some stylish people at FWs, but there are quite a few from the opposite category, but the reality is that those are the ones making headlines more often than not. x

    P.S. I am hosting a giveaway and hope you enter - if you like the prize, of course. x

  5. Yes, the stylish people at NYFW sometimes err on the side of *too* stylish, haha. I have to separate the inspiration in my head by "in a perfect world, where no one looks at you funny if you look outrageous" vs. "holy crap, this is actually stylish and wearable and won't get me weird looks from Bob in HR"

    xo, Liz

  6. Very inspiring looks! Love the white touch of all of them. Thanks for sharing it :) xo akiko
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