Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Salads and Steel: My visit home

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I went to home last week, and it seems I have an affinity towards takings photos in front of steel structures. The week consisted of two weddings, lots of romping around the streets of LA, and unfortunately a lot of hacking. I caught some bug and was coughing throughout most of the trip. I got my boyfriend sick too, which sucked because we were both so lethargic, but wasn't so bad because we just ended up in bed watching the Olympics together.

During the times we weren't bed-ridden, we had as much fun two sick people could have. We saw a movie at Universal CityWalk and got way too much popcorn at Popcornopolis. We also had lunch at HealthyCA in North Hollywood. The salads were around $10, but they were HUGE so I guess it evens out. Plus, they didn't skimp on the avocado, which always constitutes a winner in my book.


I got the California Spa which included cucumbers, daikon sprouts, carrots, black and green olives, roasted peppers, cilantro, baby greens, and turkey (which I substituted with chicken breast) with my choice of salad dressing (I went with balsamic). Like I said, I also added the avocado, and they gave me about half a large one. 


My boyfriend got the Chinese Chicken salad with the oriental dressing and I have to say.. that dressing is kind of amazing. Next time, i'm going with that.

We ate our salads on the patio and it was all-in-all a wonderful day. It's the simple things in life like eating a salad outside in the sun that I miss so much about home. And experiencing it again and taking it all in was exactly what I needed to forget about the cold waiting for me back at school.

sweater - COS
jeans - J. Brand
lace up oxford - Prada (similar)
purse - 3.1 Phillip Lim (similar)
necklace - J.Crew (old)
sunnies - Karen Walker

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