Monday, June 9, 2014

[Apt] to Home


As I'm sure I've mentioned in the past, moving from Indiana back to California has been a bitch. The only thing approaching the horror of packing has been the unpacking. However, as the weeks have passed and the mountain of cardboard boxes has dissipated into what I hope is the dawn of its reincarnation, this little apartment has begun to feel like home. I figured all it needed was some color and life; enter, Trader Joe's.

TJ's had great flowers on sale so I picked up some peonies and an teeny orchid for my bedside table. I also indulged in a variety of herbs for my flavor arsenal: thyme, sage, and rosemary. I've already used the thyme for some awesome mashed potatoes (to pair with blackberry ketchup meatloaf - recipe coming soon!). And I'm planning on using some rosemary for herbed sweet and spicy nuts.

And one of my favorite aspects of the new apartment (and getting organized) is my handbag closet. I find it utterly ridiculous that I even have a closet dedicated to my handbag collection, but in my own defense, the closet isn't a full size closet. It's just a section of the hallway cabinets. I never said my defense was a good defense...


If you guys have any affordable organization/decor tips for me, I'd love to hear them!

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