Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Comfort Food: Meatloaf Edition

Meatloaf is fairly new territory for me. I think the only kind I've had were Filipino versions and they probably don't serve as the best representation. Plus, I'm still not sure how I feel about raisins in my meatloaf. 

Typically, when I try something new, something I've never made (let alone really tasted) before, I go for a classic version. I suppose I try to build a foundation of sorts first, then work on my own variations. This time, I figured I'd go for the "weird" version first. I felt like doing something special since this was the first real meal I've made in my new kitchen. And what a way to christen the new crib! (points to everyone who got the Fresh Prince reference)

DSC03321 DSC03328 DSC03335

I used this recipe from Food52 (always a reliable source) featuring an awesome spicy blackberry barbecue sauce. The recipe was really easy to put together and the meatloaf came out incredibly moist. I was worried by how little vegetables are in the recipe given all the fillers in other recipes, but this was just meaty goodness. The sauce was spicier than I anticipated but it was a welcome surprise. Go light on the cayenne if you're heat-averse. Speaking of the sauce.. I have some leftover and I'm definitely throwing it on some chicken. Noms.

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