Sunday, July 20, 2014

Hollywood Forever

Only in Hollywood is it ok to watch movies in a cemetery. Drunk. I highly recommend it.

top: Zara (old) | shorts: H&M ($10!) | twist scarf: American Apparel | purse: J. Crew 
watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs | shoes: ASOS

With all the things there are to do in LA during the summer, watching movies at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery is definitely one of my favorites. My boyfriend and I have gone for the past two years and I'm hoping to get to go again before the summer ends.

Gates open at 7pm. So we arrived at 6 and there was already a Disney-esque line waiting for us. So, we (or I) stood impatiently, debating whether to bust out the snacks early or save it for once we got inside like an adult. Reluctantly, I opted for the latter, lest I run out of snacks for the actual movie. Finally, the line started to move and we power walked to the lawn. We walked passed through the graveyard, staring at all the massive and the appropriately theatrical tombstones (including a replica of the Washington Monument). Once we found a spot on the lawn, we set up our blankets, snacks, and wine (duh). We didn't have time to go all out in the snack prep department, so I was incredibly jealous of everyone around us with their lavish appetizers and sangria. Once the bar exam is over, best believe I'm bringing sangria.

Before I get to the movie, I have to say...part of the fun is the people watching. What. the hell? There were people in formal attire - I'm talking full on suit and gold sequined dress. Another dude in a suit. A group of four women, all wearing plain black, body-con, floor length dresses, with a thigh-high slit and at least one gold accessory each. Did you all plan this?? I can't imagine any of those people were comfortable sitting on the ground. But soon, I too became part of the show (although appropriately dressed). 

At 9pm, the movie started (Goldfinger, btw). At this point, I was about 1.5 red cups of wine down and not exactly 100%. Halfway through the movie (2 cups down), I was out cold. I always get the best sleep at my drunkest, but sleeping in a graveyard...yikes. The rest of the night was basically a blur but I definitely remember waking up to some guy asking my boyfriend, "Is she ok?" To which my lovely boyfriend replied, "Yeah... She's just... really drunk." GIVE ME A BREAK! I'm not on drugs, I've just been studying non-stop for weeks and got really tired! I also remember, though, looking around and realizing we were probably amongst the last 5% of people remaining. The entire lawn was practically empty. Which means that entire lawn (given we were seated towards the back) had to tip-toe around me as they left. 


Well, after about ten times of asking for just "three more minutes" of sleep, I finally got my intoxicated ass up and back to the car. Studying while hung over is not fun, I'll tell you that much. But would I do it all again? Yup. Especially since it was my last night out for a while. Now back to the grind...


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