Monday, August 4, 2014


I can't tell you how great it feels to finally be back in the real world. It's been too long.

You all have already heard enough about how I've been studying for the bar exam and how much that blows. But I can FINALLY say... it's over. IT'S. OVER. The test was last week: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Six hours a day of pure testing. I won't get into the nasty details, just know it totally sucked. But to be done. It feels amazing. I can't emphasize it enough. The ability to sit, not think about law, and NOT feel incredibly guilty about not feel the constant feeling of stress, urgency, and panic... *long, relaxing exhale*
I can finally do things like go to brunch! Above is the vanilla yogurt french toast and Florentine Benedict from Blue Jam Cafe in Sherman Oaks, CA. Both were awesome and dishes I'd happily reorder. The wait was a bitch though, so if you visit on a weekend, be prepared for that.
Sunday morning was gloomy. Thunderstorms in LA in August? Not my ideal welcome into summer but I'll happily take what I can get. Going to the farmer's market has definitely been a lost tradition I've been eager to reinstate, so naturally I took the first chance I had to visit the Hollywood Farmer's Market. Check out these peaches, squash blossoms, corn and heirloom tomatoes as big as my face. The Hollywood Farmer's Market never disappoints.

Plus, I treated myself to some blue point oysters and a sno cone from Sno-Con Amor. The blackberry lemon, pineapple lime and watermelon basil flavors are awesome and perfect for such a hot day.
I also tried Lemonade for the first time. It was awesome too. I had the salmon stuffed avocado, the kale mushroom kumquat vinaigrette salad, the watermelon radish & ahi tuna salad, and the watermelon rosemary lemonade. Lemonade also has a cookbook. After eating there, I might have to buy it.
waistcoat 3_edited-1
waistcoat: Nordstrom | denim: Citizens of Humanity | purse: JCrew | heels: Miu Miu

I'M FREE!! (at least until if/when I have to take it again...) but for now, I'M FREE and I'm loving it.


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