Sunday, October 6, 2013

Crackers and Caramel


I find it a tad disconcerting that only three posts into this blog I'm already straining to find a subject worthy of documentation. I suppose an entire day spent reading contract guidelines can do that to you. As one of my best friends so accurately stated, "Law school stifles all creativity." Accordingly, the catalyst to from The Lion's Den was a sudden urge to revitalize the atrophied righter-most of my brain. The most creativity I've been able to muster lately has been to cook (if I do say so myself) some bomb-ass meals. Which, quite honestly, is another reason I started this blog. I just love food, and I love trying to make my concoctions look pretty. 

Which brings me to crackers, Homemade Wheat Thins to be more precise. I was feeling pretty shitty and couldn't shake the feeling. It might've been a combination of ominous, intermittent thunderstorms and the countless deadlines soon approaching. Or, maybe I've just listening to too much Lana del Rey and I've been feeling a little emo. Who knows. Either way, I felt like shit and couldn't get over it. Supemorosely, and inappropriately so, I asked myself, "What makes me happy?" Woe is f*@&ing me. Damn my privileged life! Naturally, my answer was food. I have no clue why I even had to ask. The chaotic state of my kitchen nearly impeded my journey to recovery but I was able to overcome. *raises fist* 

Back to the recipe. Just because I had it, and felt like making myself feel healthier, I replaced a quarter-cup of the flour with wheat bran. Did you know that wheat bran serves as a good source of omega-3 fatty acids and iron? Iron being particularly important for women! Furthermore, it's a good source of vitamin B (especially good for those hangover mornings)! But consume in moderation! Too much wheat bran too soon can cause stomach discomfort and *whispers* gas.  Btw, I also replaced the salt on top with fleur de sel. Cus I'm fancy like that. 

This recipe is actually a good one (hence the link). Typically, baking isn't my thing. I hate the restrictive nature science demands of the cook. Maybe I don't want to bring my eggs to room temperature! Just let me live my life! However, this seemed easy enough, I had all the ingredients, and just needed a snack. All in all, I'd certainly make these again and be happy about it. 


I apologize for the grainy iPhone photo above, but I mean, who cares. Say hello to my chocolate covered fleur de sel caramel friends. Fleur de sel double feature; it's been a good day. Caramel recipe here. Just cool the caramel in a buttered pan, cut, and devour as you see fit. Just a warning, I've made these before and only remembered how delicious they were so I made them again. Meaning, my brain conveniently repressed the memory of how terrible cutting these things is and how tedious wrapping them can be. My level of domesticity only goes so far. Either way, they're freakin GOOD and well worth making at least once. 


  1. oh my goodness YUMMY!!!
    I think i must try these.
    Tipsy Tart

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  3. I just licked the screen. No big deal.

  4. Om nom nom! So jealous of this!


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